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At MacDonald Wealth Associates, we have a passion for supporting your goals through customized wealth management plans, strategic philanthropy, and legacy planning. We believe it is vital to take sustainable impact into consideration as we advise, develop and steward wealth. We are confident that we can make the biggest impact by helping to guide our next generation’s leaders and innovators, and by working in partnership with nonprofit organizations in Las Vegas.



Discover. Plan. Impact.

Expert Guidance

At MacDonald Wealth Associates, we believe in the next generation of wealth management.  Our approach is based on the specific and unique goals of our clients. We provide expert guidance while creating comprehensive socially responsible wealth plans for high-earning professionals in their 20s to mid-50s. 


About Becky

Planning with Purpose

Since 2002, I’ve been serving clients with financial planning and solutions throughout Las Vegas and beyond. From basic financial principals to complex multigenerational legacy planning, my focus is always discovering your goals, creating your plan and making an impact.


My team and I specialize in working with the next generation and nonprofit agencies to create comprehensive financial plans, including investment management, budgeting, and debt strategies, as well as investment policy statements and sustainability plans. 


I love our amazing city and believe we can achieve any goal with an overlaid objective of social impact. As an avid agency supporter and local philanthropist, I am excited to partner with you to achieve your goals and work with you to accomplish them one at a time! Connect with me to learn more about our philosophy at MacDonald Wealth Associates.

As a Fee-Only Fiduciary, we have taken an oath to place your very best interests first.  We are compensated only by our clients to create and manage comprehensive financial plans. For nearly 20 years, we have helped clients identify and achieve goals through financial services. At MacDonald Wealth Associates, your priorities are ours.

Financial Planning Subscription

The most important part of achieving your goals is to have a plan.  At MacDonald Wealth Associates, we know even the best plans are only effective when they are implemented.  Through our monthly subscription model, you will receive one on one support and guidance to ensure that you stay on track and that we get ahead of any changes in your life.

For our NextGen clients, this model also allows for sophisticated wealth management while you are working towards your goals.

Your financial plan is the foundation of any investment program. At MacDonald Wealth Associates, we base your investment program on the plan we have developed with your goals in mind. Using your personal plan, we will create a personalized long-term strategy and ensure you stay on track. We believe investment management goes hand in hand with comprehensive financial planning. Our full planning services are included with the asset management fee.

Let's Connect

Are you ready to get started? Send me a note or give me a call to book some time on my calendar. 

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