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Our Investment Philosophy

Discover. Plan. Impact.

At MacDonald Wealth Associates we believe in efficient markets, that the market price reflects all relevant and available information.  Our investment philosophy is rooted in our comprehensive goal-based financial planning.  We work with our clients to clearly define short and long-term goals along with specific risk tolerance as the foundation of our recommendations.  Portfolios are designed with a long-term and consistent approach that includes diversified asset allocations, global market exposures, and flexible rebalancing schedules based on market conditions. 

We utilize a robust tech platform and streamlined asset management. Our portfolios are built using best-in-class ETF’s to allow for broad market exposure. We leverage your financial plan to build portfolios that align with your risk tolerance and established goals. Our platform is built with you in mind and we have partnered with powerhouses in the financial services industry to provide a better investment experience.

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